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The year is finally here! How exciting!!

A senior session is a representation of how special this is in your life.

You need gorgeous photos that reflect both inner and outer beauty with the best Oklahoma light possible. Erin is here to show case the best YOU and have a FUN experience.

Preparing for 
your session


How soon do I need to look for outfits?

As soon as you book your session, you need to be looking for your outfits. It's great to have your outfits all put together a week before your session.
Try on dresses, shoes, shirts, etc. You need to see how they all fit and moves.

Please make sure to find the best clothing decision for your body type and what you are comfortable in.
Example: If you do not like a certain body part, try not to expose it.

Nice dress pants or very nice jeans with a button up top with a jacket goes a long ways.
Add a sweater on top of your button up shirt.

Think "classy popular."

Accessories & Such:
Hats, Jewelry, Accomplishments, etc.
Great additions!

Most important: be comfortable, be you!

If you sweat a lot, please bring a towel to dab sweat off.

Food & Water:
Please bring water, especially for your spring & summer sessions. We all need to stay hydrated & happy.
As we travel from different location, bring a snack to eat in between. Please make sure to wipe off your face and check your teeth before the next round of photos.

Hair, Makeup, & Nails:
Please have your hair touched up one to two weeks before your session. Please do not go a few days before. Come when you don't have a "fresh" look and the cut & color has calmed down.

Make up
If you need recommendations on a professional makeup artist, please feel free to contact me. I will be happy to send you recommendations in the Tulsa area. I highly recommend you contacting me NOW, so you can get in with them.
You can always do it yourself as well!

Head on over the nail salon a two to five days your session and get your nails done. The reason I say this, is because if a nail chips you still have time to fix it.

For a visual of outfits, click below (pinterest ideas!):


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Session Location

When it comes to location of your session, there is a link below for you to check out. 
If the location is 30 miles outside of Tulsa, please email a photo.
I love visuals to see what I am working with.
Although, if you would love to stay within the Tulsa area, below is a gallery for you to view & for you to choose your location/setting. 
Downtown is always a great option! 

Please keep in mind some locations do charge a location fee, see list below: 

*Coal Creek: $30 (filled up for 2020) 
*Woodward Park: $25
*Rustic Barn & Tire Swing:  $50
*Shady Lane Farms: $50 
*Philbrook Museum Garden:
$50 morning, during their open hours 
Wednesdays - Sundays, 9am-3pm
Fridays, 9am-9pm
$250 during closed hours 


Reminder Notes: 

If an occurrence of rain happens, we will reschedule your senior session. This is IF the rain is a 40% or higher at the TIME of your session. If your session is in the evening, and it rains only in the morning, we will still be having your session. Erin will contact you either way by noon on the day of your session. 


Due to COVID-19, please only have one other adult with you at your session.  


Erin will contact you 24 to 48 hours before your session day, but if you have any questions feel free to contact her anytime.