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Thank you for trusting me to capture your beautiful family photos. I am so excited to get to know you!

Here is a quick and easy guide to make your session as beautiful and stress free as possible.

Remember, family photos tell a story of the here and now. I am here to capture the moments before they are gone.

Preparing for 
your session


How soon do I need to look for outfits for my family?

As soon as you book your session, you need to be looking for your outfits. It's great to have your outfits all put together a week before your session.
Try on dresses, shoes, shirts, etc. You need to see how they all fit.

Find colors that go with the season.
Spring/Summer: bright or light colors
Fall: warm and earthy.

It's best to have the mom in a pattern &/or the littlest child in a pattern. Many patterns is distracting.
Find patterns that compliment each other.
Keep it simple.

For mom &/or little girls, wear a fun, flowy, or twirly dress or a flowy top. It makes the photos look nice and blended.
Even add in some cute hats, necklaces, and bracelets to give your outfit a fun accent!
With tweens/teenagers: jeans, leggings, and a flowy top looks fun & gorgeous.
A skirt (not too short) & top or a flowy dress is perfect.

Nice dress pants or very nice jeans with a button up top.
For fall: add a sweater on top of your button up shirt.
For boys: a cute bow tie, suspenders, and a dress up hat looks fun!

If you sweat a lot, please bring an extra shirt to change into/towel to dab your sweat off.

Please bring water, especially for your spring & summer sessions. We all need to stay hydrated & happy.

For a visual of outfits, click below (pinterest idesas!):


How to have a great session:


Now, I know not everyone likes photos. Trust me, I have seen it all & heard it all. So, I thought I would give you some pointers to help.

1) Food. Food. Food. Please eat something before coming to your session. Full tummies=happy people. Please make sure to wipe your child's face off before the session begins.

2) Bring water.
Children tend to get thirsty in a session. It does not matter how long the session is, there will always be a child who is thirsty.
So let's stay hydrated.

3) The session will be quick.
Now, this is only 20-60 minutes of your life. It's not going to last all day.

4) Be 10-15 minutes early to your session.
By being early at the location, you have time to add on lipstick, wipe faces off, tuck shirts in, walk to the location, etc.

5) Have fun!
Smile. Laugh. Enjoy this time together.
A positive attitude goes a long ways.

Session Location

When it comes to location of your session, there is a link below for you to check out.
If the location is 30 miles outside of Tulsa, please email a photo.
I love visuals to see what I am working with.
Although,if you would love to stay within the Tulsa area, below is a gallery for you to view & for you to choose your location/setting. 

Please keep in mind some locations do charge a location fee, see list below: 

*Coal Creek: $25 
*Woodward Park: $25
*Shady Lane Farms: $50 
*Philbrook Museum Garden:
$50 morning, during their open hours 
Wednesdays - Sundays, 9am-3pm
Fridays, 9am-9pm
$250 during closed hours (for up to a 2 hour session)

Most locations above will need to be booked 2 months in advance in order to use the location.


IM38-1-small size.jpg

If weather is an issue I will contact you around noon on your session date to reschedule. 


I hope that helps answer all of your questions, but if you think of anything else please don't hesitate to ask before your session.

See you soon!!