Thank you for trusting me in capturing your children.  If they are learning how to sit on their own or if they are a teenager, this session is for you. Senior sessions do have their own session and own prep guide.  
For children sessions,  this is captured outside, early morning or evening. I veer towards evening as it gives your photos a more colorful, warmer look. For early morning we will start shooting 15 minutes before sunrise and evening is one hour before the sunsets. 



For a simple children session, 30 to 35 minutes long, there will only be time for one outfit.  
For a full children's session, 60 minutes long, they may wear up to two outfits.

How soon should you look for their outfit?
As soon as you book your session.

Suggestions on places:
Old Navy
Kathleen Kids
Janie and Jack
Romeo and Leo
Sugar Babies

Find colors that go with the season for example: Spring & Summer more cheerful and bright colors. And fall, more warm tones. Try to stay away from bright red and orange as it bounces off the skin. Many patterns in the photo becomes very distracting, so find patterns that compliment each other well.

Outfit tips for girls: If you have a little girl and she is wearing a dress, please make sure there are bloomers, leggings, or dressy shorts underneath. Older girls, dresses that go to shin with cute boots or sandals. A cute flowy top with nice jeans or leggings goes a long way.

Outfit tips for boys: Please make sure your little shorts or pants on if they are wearing a onesie. The diaper will show through underneath the onesie and it looks classy with the diaper hidden. Older boys, a button down shirt with nice pants and a belt is classy and clean.

Fun ideas: suspenders, bow tie, hair bows, hats, rompers, hand bands, pearl necklaces, and the list goes on.


Preparing for your session:

Now, I know not everyone likes photos. Trust me, I have seen it all & heard it all. So, here are some pointers to help.

1) Food. Food. Food. Please eat something before coming to your session. Full tummies=happy people. Please make sure to wipe your child's face off before the session begins.

2) Bring water. Children tend to get thirsty in a session. It does not matter how long the session is, there will always be a child who is thirsty. So let's stay hydrated.

3) The session will be quick. Now, this is only 20-60 minutes of your life. It's not going to last all day.

4) Be 10 minutes early to your location. By being early at the location, you have time to add on lip-gloss/ lipstick, wipe faces off, tuck shirts in, walk to the location, etc.

5) A bribery is great to have, but please try to veer it towards the end of the session. If they hear or see "candy", their little minds sometimes switch to what you said. We will get music playing if we need to. I even have a little fart machine to make the boys laugh. ;)


Location for your session:

When it comes to location of your session, there is a link below for you to check out.I
f the location is 30 miles outside of Tulsa, please email a photo. 
I love visuals to see what I am working with. Although, if you would love to stay within the Tulsa area, below is a gallery for you to view & for you to choose your location/setting. 
Please keep in mind some locations do charge a location fee, see list below: 
*Coal Creek: $30
*Woodward Park: $25 
*Shady Lane Farms: $50 
*Philbrook Museum Garden:$50 only in the morning, during their open hours Wednesdays - Sundays, 9am-3pm 
Fridays, 9am-3pm  OR $250 during closed hours (for up to a 2 hour session)
Most locations above will need to be booked 2 months in advance in order to use the location. 


If weather is an issue I will contact you around noon on your session date to reschedule. 


I hope that helps answer all of your questions, but if you think of anything else please don't hesitate to ask before your session.

See you soon!!